Architectural Education Today – Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Ashraf M. A. Salama, William O’Reilly and Kaj Noschis editors
Comportements, Lausanne, 2002
155 pages, 30 US$

Table of contents:

Suha Özkan
Ashraf M. A. Salama and Kaj Noschis

Knowledge and Architectural Education

Halina Dunin Woyseth
Making-Based Knowledge: Between Identity and Change
Peter G. Rowe
Professional Design Education and Practice
Samer Akkach
Useful Obsessions: Architecture as a Cultural Critique
Emel Aközer
Architectural Education: Cultivating Theorizing Artists or Deliberating Professionals
Ashraf M. A. Salama
Environmental Knowledge and Paradigm Shifts: Sustainability and Architectural Pedagogy in Africa and the Middle East

Profession and Architectural Education

Marwan Ghandour
Building as Social Practice
Hana Alamuddin
“I want a Colonial House”: The Architect versus The Other
Mohamed Awad
Reviving the Role of the Mester Builder Moalem in Architectural Education
Pierre von Meiss
Teaching Between Architects and Engineers: The Challenge of Humanity’s Decent Survival

Experiences and Experiments in Architectural Education

Attilio Petruccioli
Construction and Project in the Wake of Tradition
Kambiz Navai
Historic Architecture in Architectural Education: Advantages and Applied Techniques
Heba Safey Eldeen
Experimental Learning in Undergraduate Education
Mohammad al-Asad
Exploring the Cube: Experiments in the Teaching of Architectural Design
Sultan Barakat and Roger MacGinty
Post-War Recovery Studies at the University of York: Interdisciplinary Education Addressing the Challenges of Rebuilding War-Torn Communities

Sultan Al Harthy

Reading the Traditional Built Environment of Oman

Tools for Architectural Education

Anne Beamish
Strategies for International Design Studios: Using Information Technologies for Collaborative Learning and Design
Amr Abdel Kawi
The Role of Magazines in Architectural Education: The Medina Experience in Egypt

Concluding Remarks

Nasser Rabbat
The Boundaries of Architectural Education Today

List of Participants and Contributors