Preparatory meeting for the STREETGAMES exhibit

7th Architecture & Behaviour Colloquium
April 17-19, 2000, Monte Verità, Ascona

The exhibit will put on display a dozen examples where youngsters (12-18 years) from various cities have taken possession of urban public space (squares and streets) for the practice of their games and sport-activities.

Picture-posters, slide-projectors, film & sound recordings will document :

  • the practice of the game
  • its rules
  • its history
  • the relationship between youngsters and other users of the public space

There will be a particular focus on how youngsters have “negociated” their presence among other user-groups in urban public space.

The exhibit is intended to show positive examples about how this often ignored or despised age-group manages through its own inventiveness to develop creative activities.

The meeting is intended as a preparatory meeting for the exhibit and to discuss the exhibit characteristics :

  • establish a list of exemplary street-games and
  • actually choose examples to be put on display
  • standards and material requirements for participants
  • discuss possibilities of making it an itinerant exhibit with panel dicussions and events in all participating countries


Mauro Martinoni, director of Seminaries Monte Verità, Canton of Ticino
Welcome message 

Kaj Noschis, Swiss Federal Institute of TEchnology Lausanne
Presentation of the Streetgames Project

  • Theme, criteria
  • Historical account
  • Present state

Roberto Albanese, Milan, Italy
A request for E.U. funds in Brussels

Emmanuelle Bigot & Yves Pedrazzini
Swiss example: Rollers in Lausanne

  • Roller Fever Skatepark, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Video film
  • Historical account, data
  • Slides, newspaper cuttings
  • Roller Contest
  • Roller Contest

Visit of Monte Verità Utopia Museum

Elisabeth Ulbaek, County of Odense
Danish example: A place, a fort, a tree

Helen Woolley, University of Sheffield
English example: Skateboarding in three northern cities

Bruno Voisin, Agence d’Urbanisme pour le Développement de l’agglomération Lyonnaise, Lyon
French example n° 1: Graph and Hip Hop in Lyon

Claire Calogirou & Marc Touché, CNRS-Centre d’ethnologie française / Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires, Paris
French example n° 2: Research-exhibit on Skating

Discussion and definition of the characteristrics of the Exhibit’s contents and its techniques

Roberto Albanese, Regione Lombardia, Milan, Italy, Carmine Lanni, Gruppo Abele, Torino, Italy, Franco Perino, Cooperative “Piero e Gianni”, Torino, Italy
Street Animation in Italy

Claudio Chiapparino, Città di Lugano
Animation conquering Lugano’s lakeside

Avv Fabio Bacchetta Cattori, Città di Locarno
Experience of Diario e/o Tazebao Association