Themes in Architectural Education Today

8th Architecture & Behaviour colloquium April 8-13, 2001, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland

Program of the colloquium

Shiraz Allibhai, Geneva, Programme Officer, Education and Culture, The Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kaj Noschis, Lausanne, Department of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
8th Architecture & Behaviour Colloquium

Mohammad al-Asad, Amman, Director, Centre for the Study of the Built Environment
Experiments in the Teaching of Basic Architectural Design: A Jordan Case Study

Heba Essam Safey El Din, Cairo, Department of Architecture, Misr International University
Experiential Learning in Undergraduate Architectural Education: Cases From Egyptian Universities

Yasir Sakr, Amman, Department of Architecture, University of Jordan
Architectural Design and the Detective Story

Kambiz Navaie, Tehran, Faculty of Architecture, Shahid Behesti University
Historic Architecture in Architectural Design Education

Roger MacGinty, York, Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit, York University
Peace Building: An Innovative Masters Course in Post-war Reconstruction and Development

Hana Alamuddin, Beirut, Architect
I Want a Colonial House…

Peter von Meiss,Lausanne, Department of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Teaching Between Architects and Engineers

Ashraf M.A. Salama, Cairo, Department of Architecture, Misr International University
Toward A Knowledge Based Architectural Pedagogy: The Design Studio Under the Microscope

Emel Akozer, Ankara, Faculty of Architecture, Middle East Technical University
Theorizing Artists or Deliberating Professionals

Halina Dunin-Woyseth, Oslo, The Oslo School of Architecture
Architectural Knowledge: Between Identity and Change

Peter Rowe, Cambridge, Dean, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
Professional Education and Practice

Omar AbdelAziz Hallaj, Aleppo, Architect
The Many Discourses of the Middle Eastern City

Marwan Ghandour, Beirut, Department of Architecture and Design, American University Beirut
Building as Social Practice

Attilio Petruccioli, Bari, Director, Islamic Environmental Design Research Centre
Design and Construction

Mohammad Awad, Alexandria, Director, Alexandria Preservation Trust
Reviving the Role of the Master Builder or “Moalem” in Architectural Education

William Mitchell,Cambridge, Dean, School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Studio of the Future

Anne Beamish, Cambridge, ArchNet Editor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ArchNet and Long Distance Collaborative Design Studios

Amr Abdel Kawi, Cairo, Chairman, Editorial Board, Medina Magazine
The Role of Magazines in Architectural Education – The Medina Experience in Egypt

Akhtar Chauhan, Bombay, Dean, Rizvi College of Architecture
Architectural Education for Social Transformation

Sultan al-Harthy, Muscat, Director General of Town Planning and Survey
Reading the Traditional Built Environment

Samer Akkach, Adelaide, Centre for Asian and Middle Eastern Architecture, Adelaide University
Useful Obsessions: Architecture as Cultural Critique

Nasser Rabbat, Cambridge, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of
Final Remarks To Keep the Dialogue Going

Suha Özkan, Geneva, Secretary General, The Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Tom Kessinger, Geneva, General Manager, The Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Thank you