Priorities for Research on Human Aspects of the Built Environment

1st Architecture & Behaviour Colloquium
April 6-8, 1993, Monte Verità, Ascona

At the instigation of Architecture & Behaviour about thirty researchers from nine countries (with a majority from the United States and Scandinavian countries) spent three days discussing the theme Priorities for Research on Human Aspects of the Built Environment.  In fact, the debate focussed on the present and the future of social sciences, and in particular of psychology in relation to architecture and design.  The programme was intense, with presentations followed by very open and animated discussions in which all speakers related their experiences and intentions within different cultural and political contexts.  However, there was shared hope and a conviction that research on the themes surrounding the relationship between people and the built environment might improve conditions for participatory design. Architecture & Behaviour, issue 1, Volume 9, 1993, was published for the Colloquium and contains the papers that were discussed.  The issue was coedited by David Chapin and Susan Saegert (from the City University of New York).  A Colloquium summary with a few additional papers and conference afterthoughts were published in Architecture & Behaviour, issue 4, Volume 9, 1993.
Participants: Dagfinn As (NBI, Oslo), Gilles Barbey (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Michel Bassand (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), David Chapin (The Graduate School and Centre of the City University of New York), Clare Cooper Marcus (University of California in Berkeley), Margareta Gavatin (Swedish Council for Building Research), Liisa Horelli (Helsinki Institute of Technology), Roderick Lawrence (University of Geneva), Fredrika Martensson (Institute of Building Research Lund), William Michelson (University of Toronto), Gabriel Moser (Université René Descartes-Paris-V), Maria Nordström (University of Lund), Britt Olofsdotter (Swedish Council for Building Research), Harriet Ryd (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Stockholm), Susan Saegert (The Graduate School and University Centre of the City University of New York), Lynda H. Schneekloth (State University of New York in Buffalo ), Robert G.  Shibley (State University of New York in Buffalo), Oddvar Skjaeveland (University of Bergen), Ingela Söderbaum (Swedish Council for Building Research, Anthony Ward (University of Auckland), Phillip Thompson (Barnard College, N.Y.C.), Gary Winkel (The Graduate School and University Centre of the City University of New York), Karla Werner (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Stockholm), Nina Witoszek (Swedish Collegium for Advances Study in the Social Sciences).