Who is afraid of Sabina Spielrein ?

International Colloquium, University of Lausanne, April 19-20, 2007, Lausanne, Switzerland.

From patient to psychoanalyst, between Jung and Freud, and beyond.

International Colloquium, University of Lausanne, April 19-20, 2007

A Colloquium on the contribution of Sabina Spielrein (1885-1941) to psychoanalysis and pedagogy is organised at the University of Lausanne. The presentations will be assured by specialists but the Colloquium is open to the general interested public. The main purpose is to discuss and make better known to the French speaking world the scientific contribution of Spielrein – now that she has become a central figure of novels, plays and movies. The première in French speaking Switzerland of the theatre play  “The talking cure” by Cristopher Hampton will also take place during the Colloquium as well as a projection of the movie “Ich heisse Sabina Spielrein” by Elisabeth Marton.

Today the contribution of Sabina Spielrein to psychoanalysis is acknowledged although discussed. Undervalued if not ignored during a longer period her research contributions have been re-evaluated after the revelations on her complex relationship with C.G.Jung. The publication of the correspondence between Spielrein and Jung in 1973 launched a series of historical and theoretical research endeavours on the contributions of this woman to psychoanalysis, published also in French in a volume titled « Sabina Spielrein entre Freud et Jung » (dossier discovered by Aldo Carotenuto and Carlo Trombetta, French edition by Michel Guibal and Jacques Nobécourt, Paris, Aubier Montaigne, 1981 new edition 2004). First patient (1904), then lover and colleague of Jung, until 1912, and then colleague of Freud, Sabina Spielrein attempted also to reconcile these two main figures of psychoanylsis after their dispute. Having returned to Russia, her country of origin, after the October Revolution, she took some remarkable initiatives in the domain of early infancy pedagogy. She then fell in disgrace under Stalin and disappeared in the progroms of Second World war. Since the Fall of Communism in Russia, the development of psychoanaylsis in this country is better known and so also the contribution of Spielrein. The Colloquium will contribute in diffusing our current state of knowledge on this remarkable woman and her work. This will happen in the company of a large number of experts on Spielrein’s life and work. Spielrein stayed briefly in Lausanne in the years 1910 while corresponding with Freud and Jung.

With the participation of :

Angela Graf-Nold (Zurich) will talk about: « Sabina Spielrein – facts and fictions of her life »;

Sabine Richebächer (Zurich) will talk about: « Sabina Spielrein – a modern thinker. A survey of the development and changes in Spielreins psychoanyalytic and scientific work » ;

André Haynal (Genève) will talk about: « The originality of the Swiss psychoanalytic thinking » ; 

Elisabeth Marton (Stockholm) will talk about : « The tension between destruction and creativity  – the making of the film « Ich hiess Sabina Spielrein » ». 

Sophie de Mijolla-Mellor (pending) will develop : «A theoretical, clinical and historical comment on Spielrein’s article  « Destruction as cause of coming into being » ».

Christian Gaillard (pending) « Revisiting the past – in movies and in depth psychology »

Several psychiatrists and historians notably Swiss, French and English will soon be added to the programme.

The Grange de Dorigny will shelter all the events of the Colloquium as well as an Exhibit of graphical work by students in architecture of the Federal Institute of Technology, course given by Charles Duboux, on the theme of the play The Talking Cure.

For more information :

Send your coordinates to info@colloquia.ch  with the mention « Colloquium  Spielrein ». The detailed Programme of the Colloquium The detailed Programme of the Colloquium is available at www.colloquia.ch/fr/colloques/spielreinfr.htm and also on the site of the Institut de psychologie of the University of Lausanne at: http://www.unil.ch/ip/page29811_fr.html

Responsable de l’organisation/Responsible for the organisation : Dr. Kaj Noschis, Privat-docent, Faculté des sciences sociales et politiques, Institut de psychologie, Université de Lausanne


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